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The Global Management GmbH is your professional competent and reliable contact for distribution and Management of industrial goods, spare parts and building materials.
For over 10 year, we are operating in the industrial goods sector. We dispose over valuable and extensive contacts to vendors and customers around the world, which is connected to our partnership with the “Industriewarenhandel e.K” and the “Pirooz GmbH”. The Global Innovation Management GmbH, was established out of these international experiences and partnerships.
We offer an extensive selection of Innovations and Products for affordable prices with great quality in this area. We coordinate our offers according to individual requirements and wishes. Here, we also constantly seek for new opportunities.
Our staff will be advising you personally, as well as fast, competent and comprehensive. The Global Innovation Management GmbH will be standing by from the sales- and consultation talks and until the organization of the whole export execution.
We are offering a standardized and optimized operation model, that can be deployed at all production centres. This streamlined model will bring about great efficiency right from the start until the distribution. The Global innovation GmbH will guarantee appropriate information transparency, that paves way for an effective supply chain collaboration.
We are happy to consult you individually towards your requirements.

Our Benefits

You will profit with us as your reliable business partner in a proven win- win situation. We are your competent contact partner for all questions to our offers in procurement, innovation and management.


Wir bieten ein umfangreiches Angebot an Industriemaschinen.


Something new can only establish, when it is based on knowledge gained out of previous experiences. This development will be beneficial in the future. The innovation will be realized from us and will be useful for our customers.


For the Global Innovation Management GmbH, management is the establishment out of goals, arrangement from system and the regulation for goal achievement. 




Electric generators will be perused where no alignment to electricity is provided. High capacity models are used, where they fit the purpose. These can be applicable in different situations, such as constructions sights, but also in more everyday scenarios, such as in the garden or camping. For that, one has to differ between certain criteria. Noise regulation and electricity without voltage fluctuation, are some of the criteria one should consider in that matter. To compare the offered generators and guarantee the right selection for the costumer, one has to take certain aspects under consideration. We will help you find the suitable model with the desired functions and performances.



Guidance-planning-execution-restoration of cooling units and air conditioning, environmental simulation systems, processing facilities, heat pumps, cold water units and industry cooling.
Cooling units, develop low temperatures to cool objectives. The withdrawn heat will be emitted to its surrounding. You can find cooling units in refrigerators, air conditioning and other research facilities. Here, temperatures can be close to the zero-point. The technologies of the cooling units will work after different physical principals. A compression heating pump will be working with refrigerants, which are pumped into condensates. Due to pressure differences, heat will be emitted. New technologies will be using Peltier elements with semi-conductors. Laser cooling will be efficient for extreme low temperatures. Absorption chillers will generate a cold, through the usage of temperature differences.
Our offer also includes:
• Industrial cooling units
• Central air-conditioning
• Cooling tunnels
• Cooling units for machine tools
• Heating aggregates
• Water cooling units
• Heat exchanger
• Refrigerators
• Heat recovery systems



If the pumps are running in the networking business, the efficiency factor will be close to the actual operating point. A close-set pitch of grid, as well as the switching of the air wheel will make this process possible. If you are using a speed, the number of pumps, as well as the load profile will be relevant for the selection of the pump.
We offer a big selection of pumps for the promotion of clear and drain water from fountains, deep wells, cistern and basins. You can be convinced from our comprehensive range of fountain pumps, deep wells and the uncomeatable price itself.  

• Circulation pump
• Rotary pump
• Submersible pumps for dirty water
• Submersible pumps for wastewater
• Cistern pumps
• Deep well pumps



Stromaggregate (Stromerzeuger) werden überall dort betrieben, wo kein Anschluss an das Stromnetz vorhanden ist. Leistungsstarke Modelle kommen auf Baustellen zum Einsatz, zum Camping und für den Garten spielen zudem Kriterien wie die Lautstärke und Bereitstellung von Strom ohne Spannungsschwankungen eine wichtige Rolle. Für den kompetenten Vergleich der angebotenen Stromerzeuger-Generatoren und die richtige Auswahl sind ein paar Dinge wichtig zu wissen. Wir helfen Ihnen beim Kauf des passenden Modells mit benötigten Funktionen und passender Leistung.


Werkstatt für Metallverarbeitung

Welche Werkzeuge, Maschinen und Hilfsmittel werden in einer Werkstatt benötigt?


Werkstatt für Holzbearbeitung

Welche Werkzeuge, Maschinen und Hilfsmittel werden in einer Werkstatt benötigt?


Electric Motors

Electric motors play an essential role in today’s industrial goods trade. Even during your everyday consumption, electric motors are key players in household appliances and other numerous appliances. An electric motor is an electromechanical converter, that generates mechanical power through electrical power. Different types of electric motors offer different types of power supply. This is based on the construction of the motors. We offer our customers the qualified service to find the right product for every need.


Global Innovation Management GmbH | GIM GmbH | Innovation

What is innovation? 

To keep it short: an innovation from the Global Innovation Management GmbH, is a new kind of market performance.  

This is something new, which has not existed before in this form and is useful for many Global Innovation Management Costumers. 

For the Global Innovation Management GmbH this leads to the expansion of our product range and the adaptation to our specific customer requirements.

The only way to create something new is to build on past knowledge. This will become useful in the future. The innovation is realized by us and useful for our customers.

The whole pursuit of the Global Innovation Management GmbH in the innovation process aims to improve the connection to our customers through the right offer.

Good framework conditions for innovation therefore require a good innovation processes, which is based on the good culture of innovation from Global Innovation Management GmbH.


Management is for us, the Global Innovation Management GmbH the formation of goals, the design of systems and the control of the achievement of goals. Globalization is the challenge of the 21st century. The network of the world, the internationalization of the markets and the clash of different cultures due to international trade relations- all of these are reasons, why the economy needs people who recognize the developments and trends at an early stage, think strategically and make sustainable decisions. We the Global Innovation Management GmbH, provide effective management solutions for challenging operational and strategic tasks and projects in the field of industrial goods and functions.
Just contact our sales team to work together to achieve your goals!

Global Innovation Management GmbH | GIM GmbH | Management

Planning and design - step by step

Every hydraulic system is subject to different requirements. The selection of the individual components, as well as the coordination of these on each other, are therefore crucial for an efficient and cost-saving operation. We support you in the important phase of planning and designing your pumps, valves and pipelines.


If the pump is in operation, the best efficiency is the closest to the actual operating point. A narrowly graduated size grid and the turning off of the impeller are making this possible. If you use a speed control, the number of pumps and the load profile are relevant for the selection of the pump.


When designing the armatures, the main focus is on the flow values ​​and the piping dimensioning. We pay attention to optimal zeta values ​​and other functionalities.


When determining the pipe dimensioning, we pay attention to the flow velocities, the correct materials and the expansion of the pipe at the discharge nozzle of the pump. For optimal results, pipe friction losses and material use are evaluated – always with a view to maximum efficiency.

Motors and automation

The load profile is used to select the optimum combination of motor and automation. We consider both aspects of resource and energy efficiency – in the spirit of a sustainable solution.



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